Dax Norman Interactive animated GIFs. GENUINE SUEDE now available Dither on DIther.Dax Norman is on patreonMouse over images to reveal interactive animation show.original Dax NOrman art for sale on etsyjuxtaposition of images in space and timeDon't forget to like, comment, and subscribe to Dax Norman animations on youtube.This is an art website by Dax Norman.abstract art.Email Dax for art inquiries, and LIVE cartoon performance bookingsWelcome to Dax Norman's Online Museum of Curios.  Be Curios, this website changes.  Come back often to see it write itself.welcome to Dax Norman's Online Museum of CuriosThis is an art  project by Dax Norman. 2019.Dax Norman's Online Museum of Curioscopyright 2019.  By Dax Normancopyright 2019. dax normanDax Norman interactive internet animation art.Spinning Dax Norman records, dancing to the rhythm.  Glitched out blissful.Chaos is a singalong.Bird Face, Pad ThaiDax Norman selfies.welcome to Dax Norman's Online Museum of CuriosI saw you once in a cloud.  You smiled at me.All artwork by Dax Norman.   2019.art historytuba jazz cyclpps surprise all up in your eyesDear Social Media,
your medium cannot contain my message. -Daxdax norman original art for salesubscribe and like Dax videos on youtube por favorestoy bailande enfrente de i k e aexamples from Exponential Design Theory, by Dax Norman.Torture Collage (out of sorts)mouse over images for interactivity.rollover, rollover. mouse.Your number one stop for internet fun!Visual music, they call it.Pictures of Food Coming Soon.